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Leave All Your Pool Servicing to the Experts in Burleigh Heads – The Pool Gurus Burleigh Heads.

If you’re a swimming pool or spa owner in Burleigh Heads, then look no further than The Pool Gurus for all your pool servicing needs. From pool renovations, to equipment installation, to pool cleaning – The Pool Gurus mobile pool service will come to you. Preparing for the swimming season has never been easier.


Our Burleigh Heads Swimming Pool Technicians Can Show You How to Look After Your Pool.

Let us come to your house and asses the best options for keeping your swimming pool in service all year round. We can help with advice on many things such as: 

No matter what part of Burleigh Heads you live in – The Pool Gurus Burleigh Heads has you covered.



Whether Your Looking for a Once Off or Regular Pool Service – Our Burleigh Heads Swimming Pool Service is Very Flexible

We offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly or once off pool services. So if you’ve just realised that you pool isn’t ready for summer and looking a little worse for wear, then let us come to you and do the job. Our Burleigh Heads pool service will get your pool back to its sparkling self in no time at all.


How efficient is your Pool Cleaner? Does it need a Service?

One of the best ways to keep your pool looking stunning is to run a swimming pool cleaner regularly each day. The Pool Gurus pool servicing professionals can recommend a wide range of automatic, robotic and suction pool cleaners to suit the job and your budget. Our mobile pool shop in Burleigh Heads can also supply pool cleaners direct to you. We can also help with servicing your pool cleaner if its not functioning correctly.


Too Much Rain Can Cause Problems – Call The Pool Gurus Pool Service for Expert Help

The warm tropical climate of Burleigh Heads can sometimes lead to lengthy periods of rain which may alter you pools pH levels. Ideally your pools pH level should be between 7.4 and 7.6. If you have experienced excessive rain to your area, then it could be a good idea to contact us for a ph check to ensure your pool water is clean and safe to swim in.



There are many factors that could be causing this:

  • Ph levels need balancing
  • Issues with your filtration system
  • You pool cleaning unit may be malfunctioning
  • Sand needs replacing
  • Skimming and vacuuming has been neglected 

No matter what the problem is, The Pool Gurus Burleigh heads will come to you to identify and fix these pool cleaning issues.




There is a science to keeping bacteria and algae out of your pool water, its not just a matter of dosing with chlorine randomly. The pool water needs to be tested regularly and a specific schedule set for chlorine top ups. The Pool Gurus Burleigh Heads can help you determine the best method for keeping your pool water clean and the specific chemicals to use. An even better option is to have The Pool Gurus handle your swimming pool cleaning regularly so you have more time to relax.