Pool Resurfacing Ideas – Pool Renovations and Repairs

If your pool surface is looking a little worn and could use a makeover, then it could be a great time to look at pool resurfacing. There are many beautiful and reliable swimming pool resurfacing options available on today’s market and The Pool Gurus can help with these.

pool resurfacing

So How Long Does Pool Resurfacing Last?

Swimming pool surfaces are exposed to many different conditions and water chemistry over their lifetime. All the materials used to coat a pool surface vary in terms of durability and some may last longer than others. A major factor in your pool surfaces lifetime comes down to proper pool maintenance procedures and recreational use. So, in general, the better you care for your pool then the longer the swimming pool finish will last for you to enjoy for years to come! If looked after, pool resurfacing tends to last somewhere between 15-20 years.

Some Factors to Keep In Mind

It’s important to consider that your pool water color will change based on the depth of the swimming pool, chemicals present in the water as well as the angle of sunlight hitting the pool. For instance, a deep pool in the afternoon will consume much more water color then a shallow pool on an overcast day. Pebblecrete finishes can also produce reflections from surrounding objects.


Let’s have a look at the different textures pool surface materials can create. Glass beads can be added to any type of pebble finish and are know to create a slick texture. Whereas smooth troweled plaster and quartz products can be very smooth to touch and easy on the eye. By far the softest finish found on the market is a Hydrazzo polished pool surface.



When combined with a modified cement mixture, pebblecrete finishes can last for more than 15 years. These surfaces are by far the most durable cement-based swimming pool finish.

If the water chemistry is kept in check for a pools lifetime, then white quartz is a great option and can last for a long time. The hard quartz aggregate that is used in combination with marble and cement is a good combination for durability.

Plan to get approximately 10 years from ultra-smooth polished marble finish. An upgrade to the standard marble finish, they have a reactive cream layer that is polished off the pool finish.

The shortest lifespan material tends to be a white plaster pool surface. This is due to the softer marble part in the mixture. Again if water chemistry is maintained well throughout your pools lifetime, you can expect this material to last for between 5-15 years.


Lastly, Consider Pool Water Temperature Variations

To keep the heat at bay and prevent water evaporation, its best to stick with lighter colors since black objects tend to absorb heat. However, if you are trying to keep your pool water nice and warm in cooler climates it could be best to go with a shallower pool with a dark surface to keep the heat in.

Dark quartz or pebble pools have been known to pick up as much as 8-10 degrees of water temperature during hot summer days. In general, a shallow pool or spa will heat up much quicker than a deeper pool.

The Pool Gurus can help resurface your swimming pool, contact us today for all your pool renovations and repairs.