Pool Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

If you are lucky enough to own a swimming pool or spa, here are some pool cleaning and maintenance tips that will help to keep your pool sparkling clean and fresh for your enjoyment all year round. Its best to keep on top of your cleaning schedule to minimize work involved, or alternatively find a pool professional such as The Pool Gurus to do the job – we would be happy to help.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

1. Pool Skimming And Brushing – Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Have The Correct Pool Cleaning Supplies Handy

In order to skim and brush your pool correctly, please make sure you have the appropriate pool cleaning supplies handy.

  • A telescopic pole is a very handy piece of equipment. The majority of pool cleaning attachments will require this pole so having one is definitely a must. Keep the pole nice and clean to prevent adding additional debris to your pool.
  • Leaf skimming nets are an essential attachment, and your first line of defense when skimming the pool surface. The net attaches to your telescopic pole and is highly effective in capturing dirt, leaves and other debris from your pool top. A regular clean of your pool net with a hose and small scrubbing brush is also a must.
  • Pool scrubbing brushes help to remove dirt and scum from the pool sides, ladders, and steps. Keep these clean often as well.

Skimming The Pool Surface With A Leaf Skimmer

The leaf skimmer should be used every day during peak periods. It’s best to do this prior to every swim. It’s a vital pool cleaning and maintenance step and here are some instructions:

  • Attach the skimming net extension directly to the telescopic pole
  • Drag the net through your pools surface water while walking around its circumference. The net will pick up leaves, bugs and any other floating debris.

Brushing Your Pool Sides, Stairs, And Ladder.

With all the debris cleared from your pools surface, its now time to brush clean the sides, stairs and ladders. Again attach the brush extension to the telescopic pole and run it over any areas with visible scum and dirt. Remember to apply force so that it’s a thorough clean.

robotic pool cleaner

2. Selecting A Pool Cleaning Unit – Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

We are talking about cleaning the surface of your pool floor and walls here. There are many different types of pool cleaners to choose from and each comes with benefits as well as variations in the amount of manual work involved. Never the less they are an essential piece of pool cleaning and maintenance equipment. Run these cleaners at least once a week or every day during peak swimming times.

Hand Held Vacuums

These work by being attached to your telescopic pole so you may access the deepest parts of your swimming pool. They will capture dirt and debris as well as yellow and green algae that gathers on the pool bottom and walls. These units have minimal mechanical parts for maintenance and are great for improving your pools filtration system. An affordable option, they do a great job however there is still lots of manual work involved.

Suction-side Pool Cleaners

The device attaches to your pools filtration system water intake. The suction power of your pool pump drives the unit and helps it gather debris. Its essential that you have an efficiently running pool pump for these cleaners to operate well, and they will require a DE filter to be cleaned and replaced frequently as maintenance.

Pressure-side Pool Cleaners

Again these cleaners make use of your pool pumps power to operate and motor around the pool bottom and walls. They can work on their own and independently of the circulation system. Pressure-side pool cleaners feature wheels that allow them to cover large areas with ease. A major benefit is that they reduce load on your pool filter since they come with their own filter bag.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

The smartest and independent pool cleaning unit is a robotic pool cleaner. They also work without being connected to the pool circulation system and are very popular due to the reduced manual labour involved. They are energy efficient and come with a built in filter and motor which allows them to drive around the pool surface collecting dirt, algae and other debris in their path. They do come with a higher price tag, however this is well worth the advantages of being able to switch them on, and leave them to do all the pool cleaning and maintenance work.

pool chemicals

3. Working With Pool Chemicals – Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Regularly Test Your Pool Waters pH Levels

Its best to test the pool water at least three times per week to keep it safe for all. Selected chemicals that are added to your pool water help to keep it clean so the pH levels need to be kept in check.

  • Purchase a pH tester, these are available from The Pool Gurus or your nearest pool shop.
  • As a guide the pH level for your pool water should be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6. When the reading drops out of this range you will need to apply a pH reducer or pH increaser to bring the water back to a safe chemical level for swimming.

Clean Your Pool Filter

A simple process of checking your pool filter for blockages from the build-up of grime, dirt and other debris. If it’s not looking healthy then give it a thorough clean.

Kill Bacteria With Sanitizing Chlorine Tablets

Purchase these tablets from your pool shop or The Pool Gurus. Add them to your pool water as directed on the packet, they will dissolve slowly to release chlorine that will eradicate any bacteria that’s present in the water. The tablets can also be added to your skimmer, floater or automatic feeder.

Pool Shock

Another great pool cleaning and maintenance chemical that targets bacteria produced from human contact with your pool water.

The Pool Gurus can provide many of the pool cleaning supplies mentioned in this article, for all your pool cleaning and maintenance needs, contact us today.