Choosing The Right Pool Cleaner
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With many different pool cleaners on the market, it can be confusing and hard to choose the correct one for your needs and budget. If your pool is looking dirty then a great investment is a pool cleaning unit. Let the device do all the hard work for you as it captures all the slime, grime, and leaves that collect in your swimming pool each day. A good pool cleaner is an essential addition to your pool cleaning equipment.
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What Are The Different Types Of Pool Cleaners

Currently, there are three variations in pool cleaners on the market, there are suction-side, pressure-side and robotic.

Suction-side Pool Cleaners

These cleaners make use of your swimming pools filtration system power to suck up grime and debris. They attach via a hose to your skimmer box and are a very common pool equipment option.

Two types of suction-side pool cleaners exist:

  • Inertia Driven Suction Cleaners – These items clean in a random pattern and work best in pools with curved walls where no sharp corners are present. The most popular models are Zodiac and Kreepy Krawley.
  • Geared Suction Cleaners – Operating in a pre-determined pattern, these cleaners take the least amount of time to do the job and can easily maneuver around tight corners. They are most suitable for pools with corners and ledges that the Inertia Driven type can’t handle.


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Pressure Pool Cleaners

A more powerful option then suction-side, pressure pool cleaners operate with an extra booster pump that connects separately via a hose to the pool wall. The downside of these pool cleaners is the additional strain that they may put on your pool filtration system.

A pressure pool cleaner can operate around tight corners while collecting fine particles of dirt, sand, and leaves. They are a fast reliable option, however, they do come with the added price tag and require more maintenance as opposed to suction-side pool cleaning equipment.


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Robotic Pool Cleaners

These are smart robots that navigate your pool and can be programmed to cover different pool shapes as well as operating times. If you love seeing all the work done for you while you sit poolside in the sun, then these cleaners are for you. The next level in pool cleaning, robotic pool cleaners not only look impressive but they do the best job while requiring the least amount of attention. They are intelligent, diligent and work independently.

If you purchase a robotic pool cleaner, you will reap the rewards of:

  • Savings on energy bills
  • Water savings
  • Reduced pool chemical bills
  • Reduction in manual labor  


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